Hello world!

•May 4, 2010 • 2 Comments

Let’s start talking about social dancing! It’s a hot topic right now and I’m looking forward to hearing about your thoughts on dancing and some of the funny, uncomfortable, or happy experiences you’ve had.  There are a number of areas I think would be entertaining and instructive to a wide variety of people.  So let me just get you started with a few possible categories.

First Dance Memories – Tell us how old you were the first time you remember having a “dance experience”.  Were you the dancer or the watcher? Were you awesome? Or did Mom have to take you to the emergency room?

For Closet Dancers Only – If you’ve never danced before, what are some of your fears about learning how to dance – from scratch.  This is for those of you who have absolutely no experience dancing – at least not anywhere people could see you.  What is it you’d like to find out about how to get started and what it’s like.

Dance Stories – Those of you who have already got some experience in free style disco or partner dancing probably have lots of stories to tell and interesting insights that could be helpful for those hoping to get started.  So feel free to share your dance tales, trials and tribulations, horror stories, victory-over-2-left-feet stories and the like.

Night Club Dancing  – What was your first experience dancing at a night club?  How did you dress?  Did you go alone or with a group of friends? Was it a first date?  Were you there in hopes of meeting someone special?  Did you dance? If so, how would you rate your “performance” on the floor? If not, how did you pass the time away?

Pet Peaves About Dance Partners – Whether it was a dance studio party or at a night club, what did your partner do that you hope the rest of the world won’t do? You know… this is what you wish you had the nerve to tell your partner – if only you weren’t concerned about crushing them emotionally.

Let’s have some fun!